About me

I'm based in Histon, close to but not a part of Cambridge in the UK. It's a good place to live just as long as you don't mind the unremitting flatness.

I've been around a bit with times spent in New York, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Zurich. I was at university in Cambridge in the late 60s and returned in 1996.

I'm now largely retired after life in business later complemented by local politics and community activity. I do my best to remain active and engaged and to enjoy travel and the eating and drinking opportunities which it brings.

I take photographs to chronicle my life. I don't characterise myself but aim to take good photographs and to tell a story with them.

I use a Sony alpha 7 III, usually with a Tamron 20-200, and a Samsung Galaxy s20 FE. I've also got a Sony WX-350 which I should use more but my phone is just so convenient.